For over fifteen years MADCAP Global has been supplying a diverse number of packaging solutions for it’s customers with products supplied and manufactured from a variety of different materials from film plastic geo-fabric, plastic, paper, and Cardboard.

At MADCAP Global we ensure all products produced are specifically designed to meet the ongoing needs of our customers.  We supply packaging and other products used in the industrial agricultural and domestic market sectors including the domestic retail and wholesale markets with high volume FMCG demands or supply chain requirements. Some of the other products produced are commonly found and used within the entertainment hospitality & catering industries.

Below lists some of the products MADCAP Global can supply.


Paper Products: Multi-wall paper sacks (napkins dispenser, lunch & dinner including linen look), paper towels, drink coasters, cups & lids, paper bags, and disposable washroom products.

Plastic Products: LDPE HDPE & cryovac bags, either on roll or in cartons. Labels, take away containers (round or rectangular), knives, forks, spoons, and cups.

Geo-Synthetic Products: Woven poly propylene or WPP & BOPP bags, scaff-net, shade-net, tarp-E, sail fabric, barrier mesh, silt fence, F.I.B.C bulk bags, P.E.T bottles & containers.

Jute & Hessian Products: In bag form or on a roll.

Cardboard: Produce packaging & storage cartons, point of sale material, and display stands.

All products listed can be supplied printed or plain. To request a quote, be sure to contact us.