For over fifteen years, MADCAP Global has been supplying a diverse number of packaging solutions for it’s customers, with products supplied and manufactured from a variety of different materials from film plastic geo-fabric, plastic, paper and cardboard.

At MADCAP Global we ensure all products produced are specifically designed to meet the ongoing needs of our customers.

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Geo-Synthetic Products

Woven poly propylene or WPP & BOPP bags, scaff-net, shade-net, tarp-E, sail fabric, barrier mesh, silt fence, F.I.B.C bulk bags, P.E.T bottles & container liners.


Plastic Products

LDPE HDPE & cryovac bags, either on roll or in cartons. Labels, take away containers (round or rectangular), knives, forks, spoons & cups.


Paper Products

Multi-wall paper sacks (napkins dispenser lunch & dinner including linen look), paper towels, drink coasters, cups & lids, paper bags, and disposable washroom products.



Produce packaging and storage cartons, point of sale material and display stands.

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